The Casa Pacifica Angels

Whether you’re interested in joining a committee and planning events, volunteering the day of the event, or participating through your Angels annual membership fee, each Angel has a heart made of gold, the attitude of a saint, and the strong desire to make a difference!

If we’ve just described you, consider becoming an Angel today! Planning for the fundraising events and children’s parties begins months in advance, and Angel members are invited to join one or more of the event planning committees or sub-committees. We realize not everyone can give their time to volunteer for these activities, but just joining the Angels does a lot for the kids of Casa Pacifica as your membership fee contributes to funding the children’s parties.

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Casa Pacifica Angels Mission Statement

To foster interest and community involvement in Casa Pacifica, engage in fundraising activities, and solicit in-kind gifts and volunteer hours for programs.

History of the Casa Pacifica Angels

In March 1990, four years before Casa Pacifica opened its doors, Helen Caldwell (often called the “Mother of Casa Pacifica”) invited Barbara Meister to lunch. Wondering what for, Barbara found out immediately. “Now is the time to start an auxiliary,” Helen announced, “And you can do it!” With that proclamation, a group of eight women gathered together. Joining Helen and Barbara were Bonnie Carlton, Betsy Chess, Paulette Dwyer, Terry Goodrich, June Paschen and Eunice Viola. Their first project – to organize the 2nd annual Angels Ball. The original Ball was held to raise funds for the $10,000,000 Capital Campaign that was underway to build Casa Pacifica’s Camarillo campus (the largest amount ever successfully raised in Ventura County at that time). The women were determined to set a tradition and continue to support the dream of Casa Pacifica through their fundraising efforts. They decided to name their group in honor of the Ball, and so the Angels were born. 

Over the years thousands of people have become part of the Angels. With their invaluable assistance, Casa Pacifica now holds three major fundraising events each year – the Angels Wine, Food & Brew Festival, the Yummie Top Chef Dinner, and the Spotlight on Style Fashion Show. The annual children’s parties include – the Prom, the End of Summer Party, Halloween, and the Holiday Party – events that our youth never forget. For some it’s their only prom. For others, it’s the first Christmas present they’ve ever received. The parties create happy memories for childhoods that have been far from ideal. 

The Angels make a difference, and they have been instrumental to the very existence of Casa Pacifica. Without them, the vision of an all-in-one facility for Ventura County youth entering foster care may never have happened. They were, and continue to be, a driving force behind the scenes. Tireless volunteers who not only spearhead fundraising events, but in the early years answered phones on campus, assembled bulk mailing projects, volunteered in offices and the nonpublic school’s classrooms, and much more. 

The Angels continue to provide valuable support through their fundraising events, which are vitally important to Casa Pacifica’s annual fundraising goal. In addition, the Angels also share the story of Casa Pacifica – and Casa Pacifica is eternally grateful for their commitment and dedication, the expertise they share, and their heart-warming compassion and concern for our children, young adults, families, and staff. 

2024-2025 Casa Pacifica Angels Board

  • Christina Zins – President
  • Tamiann Cook – Parliamentarian & Treasurer
  • Van Stephenson – V.P. Ways & Means & Spotlight on Style Co-Chair
  • Maureen Turley-Gutierrez – Secretary
  • Terri Parks – Historian
  • Susan Burgos – Children’s Events – Chair
  • Christine Crawford-Yorihiro – CE/Co-Chair – Halloween & Spotlight on Style Co-Chair
  • Oksana Zussman – CE/Co-Chair – Christmas
  • Masha Smirnova – CE/Co-Chair – Prom
  • Cindi Fredrick – Marketing/Communications Liaison
  • Dawn Norkewicz – Transitional Youth Liaison
  • Karen Hoffmann – Community Engagement Liaison Co-Chair & Membership Secretary Co-Chair
  • Michele Sturt – Community Engagement Liaison Co-Chair & Membership Secretary Co-Chair
  • Vivian Bolden Jackson – Member at Large
  • Natalee Coot – Member at Large